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Graham came to us as a very young piglet, rescued from a house in Spain by Asoka Dog Rescue in Alicante. The owner had died, leaving his animals in need of a home. Graham was being kept in a very small hamster cage and we were asked if we could help.


We get asked on an almost daily basis to take pigs from unfortunate situations and with such limited space and resource we have to turn many down or help place them in foster care. Graham was so small and needed a great deal of specialist attention.


He had many visits to the vets and developed a series of problems associated with taking babies from their mothers to early. We were never able to locate Grahams mother. Graham became very weak and we had to hospitalise him for a few days. He came back strong and fit (thanks to our vets at Dado Murcia). 

It has been quite a journey for Graham so far. He has experienced a lot in his short life. We are happy to provide him with a forever home at the Ridge.

We are now seeking sponsors for this little guy to help us provide him for everything he needs as he grows.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and hope we can count on you to help us give Graham the loving home he so obviously deserves.

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