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So where does the money go and how is it distributed?

Our volunteer program is what keeps the sanctuary alive and because of that, we felt it  would be a good idea for you to know how much things cost and how your volunteering fees actually help.

On average, the sanctuary costs approximately 80,000 pounds per year (this figure is subject to change at a moments notice due to the unexpected nature of keeping and caring for animals).

The sanctuary only operates the volunteer programme in the summer months, which means we have to "make hay whilst the sun shines" and effectively secure the annual running costs in just 6 months.

These costs are to keep the sanctuary standing still but of course, we want it to grow and that means investment. It means the construction of new enclosures, it means machinery to aid in the keeping of a sanitary environment and it means the installation of new infrastructure to keep up with legislation. In short, every penny that you pay goes directly to the animals and the sanctuary.

Below, you will see an approximation of the split for money allocation. We hope this goes some way to explain just how important every single volunteer is to us. Without you, this true passion project wouldnt exist!


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