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We were first alerted to Dobby in the winter months of 2019. We received a call from a friend of the sanctuary who had found an abandoned Doberman with, what looked like a broken foot, in the deserted spanish mountains.

We collected him from our friends and took him straight to the vets. We had him blood tested, checked over and an Xray was carried out on his foot.

The blood tests showed extremely aggressive Leishmaniasis and his organ were struggling to fight. The xray proved that the disease had actually started to eat away at the bones in his paw. It was not broken, the bones were just missing.

He came to live with us at the Ridge so that we could apply the regular treatment that he desperately needed. We have since taken him back for check ups and progress reports. The Leish is now approaching controllable levels and he is putting on weight and starting to use his damaged paw a little more. He has regular exercise and is closely monitored.

Obviously all of this costs money and if you feel you would like to make a monthly donation to help with his ongoing care, it would be greatly appreciated.

You can keep fully up to date on Dobby the Doberman and all our other animals by following our instagram and facebook pages.

Thank you

Julian, Rachael and all of the JR Team x

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