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Due to our geographical location, grazing is non-existent at the Ridge for most of the year and therefore we feed oat straw as a base diet for the horses, donkeys, goats and sheep. 

We use 1 large bale every 2-3 days at a cost of between 70-90 euros per bale or 10 small bales per day at 8 euros per bale.

We also use straw as bedding for the pigs and goats.

Can you help our herds stay happy and healthy by donating a bale?

(Don´t worry, the feed will not be delivered to your home, it is delivered directly to the sanctuary.)

Bale of Oat Straw

  • We are afraid that once the alfalfa has been given to the animals it is highly unlikely that the product could be returned...well, not in the same format anyway!

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