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On Monday 2nd April 2018, we found 6 abandoned puppies at the side of the road. We are now actively seeking suitable forever homes for these beautiful babies.

What you need to know:

Born approximately late Feb, early March 2018

We caannot be sure of breed but think they are Pointer type dogs.

There are 4 boys and 2 girls

They have temporary names but you will be able to officially name your chosen baby.

All will be transported to the UK with full inoculations, chip and passport.


If you feel you could offer aa suitable forever home, please contact us via this site 


We would require 150 pounds per puppy to cover all vet bills, jabs, passport AND travel back to UK.  

The puppies will not be permitted to travel until they reach 3 months old. Once you have chosen your puppy we will give you regular updates on progress leading up to your "gotchya" day.

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